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Logos are distinct and memorable designs that are used to represent a business or enterprise. Logo designing is among the first tasks undertaken while starting a new venture. Gujju CA offers an easy process for designing a logo from Rs.3899/-

Logo Designing

From Rs.3899 /- all inclusive fees
EMI: Rs.437 for 12 months*


Logo Designing

Logos are distinct and memorable designs that are used to represent a business or enterprise. Logo designing is the process of designing a logo and is among the first tasks undertaken while starting a new venture. Hence, logos are the face of any brand - the very first impression and when executed correctly, serves a very powerful asset to the business. Further, in today's digital words, businesses have to compete for attention and credibility - far beyond the traditional confines of a business card, brochure and website. Today's businesses must address its customers through multiple touch points like sign boards, videos, mobile apps, ecommerce platforms, packaging and a myriad of social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube. Hence, its important to take time and design a logo that represent the company while starting a new venture.

Some of the important points to consider while designing a logo are the target audience, culture of the company, company's color scheme, font choice, business name and tag line. Logo's need not incorporate the business name or tag line. However, in case the logo must be registered as a TradeMark, then it must incorporate the business name.

Gujju CA is the leading business services platform in India, offering a variety of services like trademark registration, business registration, tax registration, tax filing and capital syndication. Gujju CA can help you design a logo. The average time taken to complete a logo designing is 3 - 7 working days, subject to client approval. Get a free consultation for logo designing by scheduling an appointment with an Gujju CA Advisor.

Important Aspects of Logo Designing

Combination Mark

Combination marks or iconic logotypes are a combination of word mark and symbol mark - associating both the name of the company and a visual icon. Combination marks can often be split apart, giving the ability to use the text or the symbol independently if the situation calls for it. Also, from a legal perspective, combination marks tend to be easier to trademark than symbol-only logos or word mark logos. Nike, Adidas, Pizza Hut are all examples of combination mark.



Word marks are logos that only consists of text in a stylized format using a unique format. A recent study revealed that out of the logos belonging to the top 100 brands in the world, 37% of the logos are word marks. Word marks are best suited when the name of the company is very distinctive and memorable. Examples of word mark logos include Coca Cola, Google, Yahoo, Sony and Facebook.

Symbol Mark

Symbol marks are logos that consists only of a symbol or icon without the use of words or letters. Symbol mark can be risky as it does not convey the name of the entity in the logo. Hence, symbol marks are not recommended for a new startup or a smaller company that's trying to get people more familiar with their brand. Apple Computers, LG and Microsoft are all good examples of symbol mark.


Letter marks are logos that consists of word, but highlight only the company's initials rather than their full name. Letter mark is ideal for enterprises wherein the name is hard to pronounce or long. Examples of well known letter mark are IBM and EA, which stand for International Business Machines and Electronic Arts, respectively.


Emblems position text inside a symbol, wherein they are both practically inseparable. Emblems thus resemble the look of an official badge or seal, making them a favourite choice for government and political organizations. Some of the well known emblems include Starbucks Coffee, Harley Davidson and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).



all inclusive fees

Professional logo designing service with high quality vector files. Inclusive of service tax.

From Rs.3899 /- all inclusive fees
EMI: Rs.437 for 12 months*


From Rs.7899 /- all inclusive fees
EMI: Rs.795 for 12 months*



all inclusive fees

Professional logo, visiting card and social media banner designing service with high quality vector files. Inclusive of service tax.

From Rs.11899 /- all inclusive fees
EMI: Rs.1152 for 12 months*


How we help with logo designing

Gujju CA.com can help you with logo designing.

Free Consultation

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A Branding Expert will review the proposed logo brief and gather your requirements.

Draft Designs

Based on the brief and discussion, first drafts are prepared and provided to you for corrections and suggestions.

Final Design

Based on the suggestions and discussions, the final logo is rendered in high quality and submitted to complete the engagement.

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